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Distance education is completely independent of time and space, and the lectures are taught life, visually, visually, and interactively in a virtual environment through the existing distance teaching tools like FlipHTML5, without the obligation of the student and faculty to come to the campus; university education is given where the participant can watch/view them again and access resource information at any time; It is a rational, modern and innovative education system in which education and training rapidly change to the computer environment under today's conditions. FlipHTML5 allows teachers to turn the textbooks and teaching materials PDF into flipbooks. Simply open a link you'll be able to get study materials at any time, permitting you to finish your coaching at your own pace.
In Distance teaching, one step beyond the traditional (traditional) learning-teacher, taking into account the limitedness of classroom activities and communication, and a specially designed teaching unit, where communication and interaction are provided by trainers, students and the center that connects these two sides with a bridge. It is a teaching method that is provided from the mentioned center through environments.

We can list the benefits of distance education as follows;

 It is student centered.

 Equality of opportunity exists in the education provided by technology.

 It provides education opportunities for physically disabled students.

 It looks for unlimited teaching for life.

 It is an education system that can serve a wide range of students.

 Since it is independent of time and space, it eliminates geographical and regional barriers.

 It provides course processing with rich, advanced and interactive tools.

 It provides access to the teaching environment and content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 It is indispensable for people who do not benefit from traditional education.

 It ensures that those who have to work in a job can spare time for their family and continue their education.

 It gives those who interrupt their education for marriage, children or other reasons, to continue where they left off.

 It can offer education services to individuals with different qualifications with different applications.

 It allows each student to learn at their own pace.

 All transactions are recorded and available at any time

 . This opens the way for knowledge, skills to increase, change and diversify.

 It is a system that can offer a wide range of communication technologies to education service.

 It allows you to access information quickly and easily.

 It offers equal opportunities to disadvantaged groups who cannot participate in formal education.

 It eliminates additional expenses such as transportation, accommodation, shelter and nutrition required in face-to-face education.

 It provides an interactive and dynamic teaching process with instructors; It offers various communication options for individuals who want to express themselves in face-to-face trainings, who avoid asking questions or expressing opinions.

 Distance Education enables students (participants) to receive the quality of education they want, wherever they have internet access by being independent of the location.

Who is Distance Education Especially Suitable for?

If you have difficulty deciding between formal education and distance education, you can ask yourself the following questions: - I am disciplined and can motivate myself. - I can make myself willing to learn. - I use the internet comfortably and check my daily e-mails. - I have a computer connected to the Internet in my home / workplace. - I don't have time to continue the traditional classroom setting. - There is no institution that gives the education I want to receive in the city where I live. - The program I want is given by distance education or online education. - I can spend about 1 hour each day to study.