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Exclusion of Polar HR

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Date sent: 2017/07/19 08:29:19

I'm frankly surprised that the article by Scherbina excluded any Polar HR devices from the tests. Your team included the supposed 'gold standard' for VO2 but not what is considered to be many as the gold standard for HR. I mean Polar has been in the industry probably longer than any of these other 'also-rans' you tested with. By your own criteria for selection, I would think that Polar devices meet the requirements - they are wrist worn, display continuous measurement, stated battery life > 24h and commercially available to consumer at time of study. Any reasoning for exclusion?

I'd be happy to try and replicate your test protocol using a Polar device and indoor machines having power/HR gymlink readouts if you need additional data. Please expand your precision tests to Polar.