How To Build A Perfect Environment For Sleeping

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Date sent: 2020/06/26 12:40:38
Allow yourself the ability to sleep the best you possibly can by turning off all lights, ensuring the right sound environment, and picking the optimal temperature for your surroundings.

Dark Is Best

All forms of light, particularly blue light, prevents the brain from generating melatonin, which is the chemical trigger for sleep. If you are unable to produce full darkness in the room, think about wearing a sleep mask that covers the eyes.

Sleep Sounds

Everyone has different thoughts about noises at night. Some might prefer total silence while drifting off to sleep, others enjoy soft music or the sounds of water. Try a few different options to determine what is best for your needs. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, consider buying some earplugs. If things are too quiet where you live, make a sleep soundtrack or try a sleep app. No matter what sort of sounds help you relax, the key is to use them regularly to optimize your experience.

Comfortable Bed

If your mattress is past it’s best you will need to invest in a new one, take a look at these Saatva mattress reviews. Also make sure that your pillows are ideal for you and your preferred sleeping position. Some good quality bedding will have you slipping into a deep sleep in no time.

Best Temperature For Sleep

Proper ambient temperature can go a long way toward facilitating a good night of sleep. Research suggests that the body undergoes a first temperature drop of about two to three degrees just as we fall asleep. The initial decline in temperature, which happens naturally, boosts the likelihood that sleep will come rapidly, and it may assist in achieving deeper sleep later in the night. When room temperatures are excessively high, the body may not attain that initial lowering of its temperature. Further, when a room is too cold, nighttime waking can become a problem that continually disrupts slumber. As such, most experts have long suggsted that room temperatures of roughly 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit make for the ideal sleeping environment.

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