Why You Need to Use SHA256 to Secure Sensitive Information

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Date sent: 2020/06/26 14:53:18
If you understand the meaning of the symmetric encryption algorithm, you understand the meaning of the asymmetric encryption algorithm. You guessed it, the encryption key and decryption key in the asymmetric encryption algorithm are different. To find an asymmetric encryption algorithm is not an easy task. Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman finally proposed the RSA public key algorithm (named after the first letter of the three people's names) in 1978, which is now applied. The most extensive kind of asymmetric encryption algorithm, the operation of this algorithm is very complicated, and the speed is also very slow. It is mainly based on the principle that it is mathematically difficult to decompose the product of two large prime numbers. The reliability of the RSA algorithm has not been mathematically demonstrated, but the practice has proved that it is a tool we can rely on. Why do we need this heavy, complex, and slow encryption algorithm when we have a high-speed algorithm like DES?

Imagine that your friends need to send you some very important and very confidential information, and every channel between you and the outside world is monitored. That's not easy. Your friend encrypts the information with DES and sends it to you. Without a key, even if someone is listening, he doesn't know what it means. But the problem is that you also need a key to view this information! You must know the key that your friend encrypted the message to receive the message! And your friend doesn't have a safe way to pass the key to you. If a friend who frequently communicates with you can still agree on a key with you in advance, then there are so many people and institutions on the Internet that there is no way to agree with you in advance. The role of the public key system (that is, the asymmetric encryption system) is that at this time, you can first send the encryption key to your friend normally, and let your friend use the encryption key to encrypt the information and then send it to You, and then you use the decryption key to recover the plaintext of the information for reading. In this process, the decryption key will not be transmitted in any form, only in your hands, that is, after your friend encrypts the information, he himself There is no way to unlock it for verification. The listener obtained the encryption key, but was unable to obtain the decryption key, and thus could not view the plaintext of the information.

A group of scientific researchers at Waterloo University in Canada published a paper at the International Society of Cryptography Research, and the conclusion is exactly the same. Among these scholars are scientific experts from the Institute of Theoretical Physics of Circles and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. They use the Grover algorithm (a quantum algorithm for searching for "black boxes") to attack SHA-2 and SHA-3 and observe the results.

According to their calculations, both SHA-256 and SHA3-256 require approximately 2^166 logical qubit cycles to be cracked. This may be counter-intuitive. The paper claims that the problem is not with the quantum computer, but with the classic processor used to manage the quantum computer.

If quantum correction is processed by an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) at a rate of millions of hashes per second, the Grover algorithm will take approximately 10^32 years to crack SHA-256 or SHA3-256.

Although it is not as long as 10^100 years since the death of the universe, it is much longer than the nearly 14 billion years since the birth of the universe. Even ignoring circuit packaging and mining ASICs with one billion hashes per second, this number seems to be as high as 10^29 years.

There are a lot of SHA256 encoder online you can use to generate hash using SHA3-256 algorithm

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