Teach online: Use These Remote Teaching Tools For More Engagement

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Date sent: 2020/06/28 07:26:08
Today everything is going online whether it may be any business, marketing, or education. In the educational system, teachers use remote teaching tools to help students who are living in remote locations. Some of the best teachers (tutors) run their classes online. It helps to save your traveling time between your schedules to increase precious teaching time. Tutoring students online is a very convenient and effective method.

Every subject is not easily transferred well online:-
Some subjects are not perfectly taught online. As is general in math and science teaching, it is not possible to replicate the freeform teamwork online on a shared problem set.

Difficult to form an emotional connection with students:-
Teacher attach emotionally with the students if they are using the traditional way of learning as they interact face to face with their students. When you start teaching a student online, make a healthy relationship with a new student becomes a challenge. It is not easy to form an emotional connection with their students without being present face to face.

Difficult to hold student’s attention:-
When more tabs are open while studying online, without any personal supervision, there is a possibility of diverting the mind to the tab open on the student’s screen.
There are many ways to solve these types of problems which help you to modify the old teaching method by adopting new remote teaching tools and software that increase the level of your teaching.

Video chats:-
Free 1-1 video calls or voice calls, file sharing, and screen sharing and chat features are provided by Skype and Google Hangouts for online tutoring sessions and group sessions.
By using Google Hangouts, teachers make a free group session in advance and record the contents which will able to watch again and again after completion of the session. This is an incredible remote teaching tool which helps in online group tutoring. Combining the video call with FlipHTMP5 and providing the content and study material makes learning very convenient.

FlipHTML5 is a remote teaching tool specially designed for teachers. It allows teachers to create textbooks and study materials with the help of which students learn online. It was really difficult to use only keyboard and mouse, for instance, it is very difficult to solve the math problem set with the help of a keyboard or mouse. This problem is solved with the launch of iPad or other tablets and by using virtual whiteboarding applications. Teachers can use flipped classroom to allot lessons from the site, teaching aids, practical activities in class. FlipHTML5 is the perfect remote teaching tool for ‘flipped classroom’. There are different needs of different students as some want appropriate material, as some only need concepts to learn in a new way.
The main feature of FlipHTML5 that it can be used on any gadgets which help teachers and students to connect anytime and anywhere. FlipHTML5 provides the same atmosphere to both teacher and student for smooth learning. Teachers can make their lessons digitally and communicate easily with their students by using FlipHTML5.
Here we are listing some remote teaching tools which are trusted in tutorial sessions:

Idroo- It provides unlimited use and drag and drop line to add to images to the teaching lessons. You can use Idroo on Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Bailboard- It also provides free unlimited use, specially designed for making group sessions. It allows up to 40 students at once on the same board.

Groupboard- it also provides the same features as Idroo and Bailboard, but Groupboard has a limitation that it allows only 5 people on one whiteboard in a free plan. Images must be formatted in PDF.

All remote teaching tools have their features that help teachers to adapt these tools and take their teaching to a higher level. These tools are easily accessible.

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