10 Ways to Improve your Video Conferencing Experience

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Date sent: 2020/06/29 06:56:04
These days, everyone uses video conferencing applications to stay in touch with your family and friends who live away from you and your workmates. You should be better at video conferencing for a healthy communication. There are many video conferencing applications such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Duo which help you to communicate with your loved ones and your co-workers. They offer various features like screen sharing, record messages and virtual backgrounds, and many more.
Here some tips are listed below which helps you to make your video call better and by following these tips, you will never feel embarrassing in front of your co-workers.

Check Video feed before call:-
You must be present yourself in a good manner and avoid mess up. Be in the right position and make sure about your angle before starting a call. This helps you to look professional.

Check your mic:-
You should check your mic is properly working or not because you don’t want to waste your time by asking that everyone can hear you properly or not. Some applications such as Mac and windows provide in-built testing tools. Make sure your mic should be of good quality.

Proper lighting:-
You can't make your home the same as your office. But you make sure about the proper lighting. Sunlight comes through the window behind you puts you in shadow. So put a bulb or lamp on the wall opposite to your face, so your co-workers can see you properly.

Update software:-
Make sure you are using the updated version of your video conferencing application every time. If you are using an older version, then update your software before starting a call.

Close other applications:-
While making a video conferencing call, it is better to avoid other applications or web links. This will distract you from your online meeting.

Use virtual backgrounds:-
You can make your video call more impressive by using virtual backgrounds. Virtual background helps you to hide your messy surroundings. For instance, if you are in a business meeting you can use an office background or professional background. So, for creative and effective meetings, you can use Zoom virtual backgrounds.

Make sure about your looks in Zoom:-
Zoom provides features to enhance your looks like hide your dark spots or smoothing your wrinkles. You will find the ‘touch on my appearance’ option in the video setting section. If you want to call on mobile, you may find this setting in the general ‘setting’ screen.

Share screen in Zoom:-
Zoom provides a feature of screen sharing. Host of the call and all other participants can share their screens with anyone. Click on the ‘share screen’ option which you find on the toolbar on the desktop. If you want to share your mobile screen, you may use the ‘share mobile’ option on the device.

Add filters in video call in Google Duo:-
When you choose Google Duo application to make a video conferencing call, it provides you many features. One of those features is filters that are suitable for your calls. You can choose the ‘Filters’ or ‘Effects’ buttons on the right. This will show you the various filters available.

Send recorded message in Google Duo:-
Sometimes it is not possible for you to attend a meeting or personal (family and friends) call due to living in other time zones or being busy in some other important works. So, Google Duo offers you a feature to record a message and send it to a group of people.
Today, video conferencing is going to be very vast. Everyone is now connected with their loved ones or their workmates through video calling. So, these tips help you to make your video call more effective and attractive. The use of Zoom meeting backgrounds improves the quality of your video call.

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