Ideas for Good Indie Games

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Date sent: 2020/06/29 08:56:52
Indies games are picking pace in popularity across the globe. Platforms like play store and app store are providing easy connectivity for indie game developers to their customers. Indie games are unique games and that makes them popular among its customers.
Here we are going to suggest some ideas which can give some motivation or idea to the indie game developers:
1. A game which is based on the behaviour or skill of humans in their respective various age periods. There will be some elements which can increase or decrease the character’s age and also there will be different stages with various challenges.
The game is based on the skills of human in that age period such as, if the character is infant, it can hide somewhere or sneak from the narrow passage. If the character is young it can run fast, climb on trees or skip walls, etc. if the character is adult it is strong and can fight. If the character is old it got wisdom skill activated.
With these character’s skills, keep clearing the levels!

2. A game in which you have a torch with you and you need to complete the path from start to end. You have a time frame and also the path is full of hurdles. In between the path you might get some dangers like some monster or dangerous dog which will chase you for some time. If you stop or chose a dead-end path, you will be caught. There are also some rewards along the path like increasing the character's speed, increasing the torch's flash long, etc.
Now, every time you clear a level, next is tougher in respect of lengthy track or more complicated track or dangerous thing is faster, etc.

3. A shooter game with a strategy in which you are working in a weapon making company and your company did some foul work by dealing with the terrorist group through back door. But the deal went wrong and the terrorists have attacked your factory. Meanwhile, the governmentfinds out your company's backstab and decided to punish the company and its workers by attacking the factory.
Now, there are lots of workers in the factory when the two sides attacked simultaneously. Terrorists will kill workers and the soldiers, also the soldiers will kill the workers and terrorists.
Your job is to save the workers by taking them out from one part of a huge building to outside of the building safely. Points will be earned on the bases of lives saved and points will be decided on the bases of work done by that worker. Such there are gun maker, software engineer, metallurgy engineer, manager, etc.

4. A game which exercises your management skills. In this game you manage to organise different events like music concerts to sports match in a stadium, depending upon its difficulty level. You will be given the task of organising a certain event and for that, you will be provided with a set of options or commands. You arrange them in stages and in the end, your set of instructions' order is checked on the bases of its need and timing.

There can be many different ideas on which indie games can be designed. All you need is to be creative and motivated. So go, design some marvellous games.

Date sent: 2020/09/19 08:21:56
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