Why Do We Love Animal Head Rings?

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Date sent: 2020/06/29 18:27:24
Animals are one of the most ancient and lovable themes in jewelry. Thousands of years ago, when art was primitive and intuitive, our ancestors used animal skulls, bones, scales, horns, and feathers to craft jewelry. When they mastered the art of making things out of metals, they opened a whole new world of possibilities. From that moment, craftsmen started making figures of animals or animal gods to decorate their homes and themselves, too. Wearable talismans were supposed to give wisdom and strength, safe from adversity, and strengthen health. Today, people are no longer as superstitious as our ancestors but the love for animal jewelry still remains in our hearts.

It is impossible to deny that pendants, earrings, and rings depicting the world of fauna are enchanting and beautiful. But is this the only reason we gravitate towards animal symbolism? It turns out that our love for animal jewelry stems not only from their beauty but also from our desire to possess powers and qualities inherent in God's creatures. Indeed, who would not want to be strong like a lion or graceful like a cat? Again, that’s not the main motivation of why we incline to this type of jewelry. Without further ado, let’s look at the reasons that encourage us to subconsciously acquire trinkets with animalistic symbolism.

We Want to Be Like Them

Being a human means to exist in the frameworks imposed by morality, socio-political system, traditions, rules, and laws. In the 21st century, we are as far from nature as possible. We put ourselves in fetters of obligations and confined our spirit in concrete prisons. We can only be free in our minds but we are not free in our bodies. But let’s take a look at animals, they are not aware of any rules, orders, or obligations. They are free to do whatever they please. They are not required to adhere to beauty standards or prove their worth. They simply live in obedience to the rhythm of nature, being free both in body and spirit. We look at animals dreaming of having their freedom and independence.

We Associate Ourselves with Animals

Every animal is magnificent in its own way. That said, there are beasts that earned the most admiration among human beings. Eager beavers deserve respect for their willingness to work hard; the only creatures that can compete with them in industriousness are bees, which are busy as only bees can be. We also love dogs for their loyalty and selflessness, and cats for independence and grace. We respect wolves for friendship and cohesion in a pack. Lions are the embodiment of masculinity, virility, and strength. Goldfish are pure beauty and perfection. To cut the long story short, the look and behavior of the fauna world make us marvel, jealous, applaud ... No doubt, every person will name the animal they admire and want to be like. Jewelry carrying images of such an animal is a reminder of who you want to be equal to.

Showcase Your Zodiac Sign

According to Chinese Zodiac, 12 animals alternately rule our world. They each have only a year to be the bosses of human destinies, and after that, they have to wait 11 years for the next chance to take the reins of government in their hands (well, paws). If you were born in the year of the Dragon (or Rat, Ox, Dog, etc.), it becomes your patron. To show their reverence and appease their patron, people tend to wear a silver animal head ring or pendant or brooch; they even get tattoos with their image. It is believed that the zodiac animal, if treated with respect, will bring good luck, wealth, and success in any endeavor. Thus, the patron animal of our zodiac sign also becomes a talisman.

Attract the Opposite Sex

Like a peacock who fans out its gorgeous train to attract a female, we wear jewelry to become more attractive in the eyes of a potential partner. Of course, any jewelry spruces up the look and provides that little something to catch the eye. But if a ring or pendant features an animal, its attention-drawing power increases tenfold. Why? Because everybody loves animals! Animal jewelry as if lets onlookers learn more about you and, at the same time, it leaves the air of mystery. ‘Why did you choose this particular image? What does it mean to you?’ - these questions will run through their mind when they try to solve the mystery of you. Whether you give all the answers or prefer to be enigmatic, they will never forget the first encounter with you.

Finding the right accessory to complement your look with is not that hard. Animalistic jewelry is always a win-win option. It helps demonstrate our love for furry, feathered, and scaled little friends, reveals the best traits in us, shows us an example to follow, and even safeguards from the cruelty of this world. Even millennia later, animal talismans and totems will still be faithful companions of people.

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