Improve Employee Accountability with an Online Time Clock

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Date sent: 2020/07/01 10:07:48
Implementing an online time clock into your current business model and the way it operates is necessary for employee accountability. Employee accountability is the primary ability of the individual members of your staff to meet and exceed expectations and to achieve their obligations.

It entails how well they are getting their work done during the course of their day. If the employee is simply not meeting expectations or completing obligations, this has a domino effect. It will significantly affect and impact others, such as managers and other employees. Not to mention, it will also change the overall general impression of the business.

When employees are accountable for their actions and the productiveness of them, employers will get better production from them. This is where an online time clock comes in.

Punch In and Out

Without a cloud-based time clock, things like an employee showing up ten minutes late or leaving slightly early are usually not documented, and this will impact employee accountability. You are forced to rely on each employee and them being honest when it comes to documenting their punch in and out times. This time often ends up being rounded up and rounded down. This is known as employee time fraud and is a significant issue in today’s workplace.

Doing away with hand-written time cards and switching to an online time clock will give you exact times to assist you in determining employee hours as well as help increase employee accountability.


Some time clock solutions have the ability to incorporate GPS. When an employee completes a task, punches in, or punches out, it will be recorded with GPS coordinates and then is accessible anywhere, whether on smartphones or tablets, for management to view.

This will allow management to get a better idea of how employees are spending their time on the clock and what is being accomplished. This is particularly beneficial for realtors, construction companies, plumbers, or other companies in which employees travel and are not always in the same locations. Law enforcement can utilize this to locate its officers upon punching in and punching out.


Being tracked with online time clocks means that, essentially, employees are tracked throughout their workday. Once the employee realizes and comprehends that they are the only ones responsible for how they utilize their time at work, they become accountable. They will think twice before taking way too many breaks, unscheduled breaks, time off, and lunches. From here, productivity is destined to increase.

Time put in is what the employees will get out of their jobs in the form of a paycheck. There are ways within online timesheet software that can further monitor employees on individual projects throughout their punched workday. This allows for employers to figure out what kind of productivity they are getting out of each employee on different tasks.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Buddy punching occurs when one employee punches in or punches out for another. Aside from documenting fraudulent times on their time cards, another way employees can be deceiving is through buddy punching. With an online time clock, each employee will have an individual login to document their hours, and others cannot access it, eliminating the hindrance of buddy punching.

Taking responsibility for your actions falls directly under the category of employee accountability. When your staff begins utilizing online time clock software for punching in and out and their individual tasks throughout the day start being monitored, a direct change in productivity will ensue, and this will positively change all employee performance.

From here, your business’ production and success will be directly impacted. By implementing an online time clock at your organization is an excellent move to begin reaping the benefits and incorporating a streamlined and structured time tracking process into your business.

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